FAQ - Portraits

Q: How is the location chosen?

A: I can accomodate any specific location you want to use for your session. There are a lot of locations that do require that you purchase a permit to use their premisses for photography purposes. The client is responsible to pay the fee. I can also offer some recommendations of the various places I have photographed in the past. Travel fees will be applied to anything outside of a 50 mile radius of 91790.

Q: What's the best time of day to have my photos taken?

A: I am a natural light photographer. Therefore, I always strive to find the best lighting scenario for your session. The best times to shoot are right around sunrise or sunset. Photographing mid-day is the least favorable because the harsh light will result in ugly shadows on your face or eye squinting.

Q: Do you offer wardrobe recommendations?

A: Yes! Wardrobe plays a HUGE part on the outcome of your photos. While I do want my clients to feel comfortable at their session, there are some tips I like to offer which will help their images look the very best. I recommend that my clients stay AWAY from prints, logos, hats and dark colors. Soft colors (i.e. pastels) photograph the best. If you have any specific questions on wardrobe, feel free to reach out to me directly.

Q: Am I required to pay a deposit?

A: Yes, for the 1-hour session, I require that the client pays a 50% non-refundable retainer at the time of booking. Clients that book a 30 minute session are required to pay the FULL session fee at the time of booking. I CAN NOT reserve a date without any type of payment. If a client does not pay the deposit or in the case of my 30 minute session, the full payment...then that date will remain open/available for booking to other clients.

Q: What happens if it rains on the day of our session?

A: Since we are in California, it will be very unlikely that we will come across this problem BUT if there is rain in the forecast, we will have to reschedule our session.

Q: What happens if I have an emergency and have to cancel?

A: If you have to cancel due to a last minute emergency, please call or text me as soon as possible. We will then choose a different date for your session. 

Q: Do you provide digitals,  print or both?

A: My packages ONLY include digital images. You may choose to print from a professional lab via the gallery link you will receive with your images at an additional cost.

Q: Will I be able to keep the RAW files to my photos?

A: No. I do not hand over any RAW files to my clients for several reasons. An edited image is a full representation of my work. I spend hours on the computer editing my work so that it is consistent with my style. Your RAW images have zero processed work on them so they will look lifeless and have zero purpose for you as the client. The only reason a client MAY want the RAW files is to edit them themselves and that is against the law. Only I retain copyrights to my work which means only I can modify the images. 

Q: Which printing lab do you recommend?

A: You can purchase prints via the online gallery link you will receive from me. Orders through me get routed to a professional lab which offers the best quality in printing. I am not responsible for the quality of other 3rd party printers (i.e. Costco, Target, Walgreens) and I strongly suggest you avoid printing at these locations since my colors are not calibrated to match their colors.

Q: When will I receive my images?

A: My turnaround for portraits is 4 weeks. I do make some exceptions. Please let me know at the time of booking if you need a faster turnaround.

Q: How will my digital images be delivered?

A: I will provide you with a link to  your gallery via email. You will have two weeks to  download the images to your computer, external drive or your phone. Once those two weeks have passed, your link will have expired and you will no longer be able to access the link to your photos. I strongly recommend that you save the images in  two different locations. I do not keep your images for longer than 6 months. It is the client's responsibility to save them in a place that will not be lost.