hi, I'm mabel!


I am a wedding and family photographer based out of Southern California (San Dimas, to be exact). Just to give you some background on how and why I became a photographer, I will share the following. The first time I picked up  DSLR camera was after having my daughter back in 2015. I (like every other mom) was obsessed with taking pictures of my daughter on my phone. Well, I knew that I would treasure those photos forever and so I wanted them to be of better quality than what I was getting with my phone. I decided to purchase my first DSLR and I never looked back. I truly enjoyed taking pictures so much that I decided to educate myself and practice a ton in order to prepare my self for becoming a professional photographer. Here I am today, still OBSSESSED with my camera.

Things About Me:

  • I am left handed

  • I have freckles (and love them)

  • I have a college degree in Business Administration

  • My (current) favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road

  • When eating, I need at LEAST 5 napkins for myself